Warehouse carphone – Carphone Warehouse

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Here you can find all the latest deals from the Carphone Warehouse. Carphone Warehouse is a popular search term in google so we have
set this site up so people can find the site they were really looking for.


Get your perfect Carphone Warehouse Mobile Phone for Christmas

warehouse carphone


Car Phone Ware house has all the best offers from Orange,O2, 3, Vodafone,
Tmobile And Virgin

Whether it`s Pay As You Go or a Contract Pay Monthly Mobile Phone they have the lot including the
latest Nokia N96, HTC DESIRE, Samsung S2
and the IPHONE 4S


Car Phone Ware House

 Warehouse Carphone


Orange SIM Cards? PAYG in the UK?

April 17th, 2014 by Keith davies 2 comments »

I have registered some free Orange SIM cards on my phone and wish to lend them to relatives visiting the UK from overseas for use in their mobiles. I know their phones have to be unlocked. I have set up account payment methods and added a little credit. I told Orange what I was doing and I think that they understood what I proposed and said it was OK but I am not 100% sure. Anybody foresee difficulties?
Thanks zell62 very reassuring. I think my relative’s phones are all basic Nokias.

what phone contract should i get for an HTC desire. 10 POINTS TO WINNER!!!?

April 17th, 2014 by Keith davies 2 comments »

Orange- £20 per month, £80 initial payment for phone
100 minutes, unlimited texts and 500mb data

Will 500mbs be enough for me for a whole month? ill only be using the 3G internet for facebook and searching the web every now and then and possibly translating a few spanish phrases & of course using it for HTC applications such as weather updates. I will NOT be using it for downloading stuff and playing youtube videos. just socialising really, I have WIFI at home so i will connect to that when at home.????—–> will the 500mb be enough?

3 mobile- £20 per month, £49.99 for phone
500 minutes, 5000 texts and 1 GB data, free skype, msn and twitter

My only question for this one is whether or not 3 mobile is a decent network? :S ive always considered them so be one of the worst. I live i essex, england and so would love to know whether or not they will be decent in my area. ANY OTHER CONSUMERS WHO HAVE 3 AND ARE LIVING IN ESSEX?


My HTC won't charge?

April 17th, 2014 by Keith davies 2 comments »

I had to keep wiggling it to get it to charge, but now it won’t charge at all… It’s not the charger as it charges my sisters HTC. It’s a wildfire S. Can anyone help? Much appreciated!:)

Iphone 3gs Ireland release date?

April 17th, 2014 by Keith davies 1 comment »

I cant wait for the new iphone 3gs.
As you al know, Apple announced that on June 19th they will be releasing it in the following countries:

United States Italy
Canada Spain
France Switzerland
Germany United Kingdom

There are three other release dates for the iphone 3gs to be released in different countrys the dates are:

July 2009
August 2009

Now there are a number of countries getting the Iphone in July and the same in August but Ireland is not mentioned at all.When will it be released over here? Is it Ireland included in the United Kingdom?

Thanks!!! :D

Where can i buy anime laptop skins in uk and/or international with low p&p?

April 17th, 2014 by Keith davies 5 comments »

Wifi For Virgin Mobile Limited?

April 17th, 2014 by Keith davies 2 comments »

So My Dad Was Being Smart And He He Changed My Wifi Setting So That My Wifi Would Stop Receiving At A Certain Time And i Dont Know how To Change It And Im On Virgin Mobile, So Iv Signed In And It Doesnt Say How I Could Change The Time About My Wifi & This Is Causing My Internet Usage To Decrease Quickly So Some Pleasee Help!! I Would Really Appreciate It :)
My Dad Also Forgot How To Change It Back & You Can Because He Managed To Do It & He Hasn’t Changed My Password If I Manage To Access My Account (:

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